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Welcome To Our Bouzouki Page

Bouzouki Sales:

All Bouzoukia, Tsourades, and Baglamades are “HANDCRAFTED” and imported from Piraeus, Greece. They are made of the highest quality woods, materials and workmanship. Our makers take pride in what they do. All instruments are adjusted for playability and sound enhancement before they are sold. Our instruments start from the Beginner/Intermediate to the more serious and Professional player. Prices start at $900.00 and up.


Bouzouki Repairs:

There are many repairs and adjustments that we do on the Bouzouki. Some of the repairs range from lowering action, setups, repairing cracks, changing strings, even making the instrument “Electric”. All repairs are done “ON THE PREMISES” with 40 plus years of  experience. No more having to send your instrument back to Greece to have it worked on. Estimates are always free.


Bouzouki Accessories And

Greek Sheet Music
Most standard accessories are sold for the Bouzouki, including custom gauges on strings, tuners, amplifiers, cables, lubricants, straps, cases, pickups, etc.

We also have one of the largest collections of Greek Sheet Music for sale.

Bouzouki Lessons:

Since the owner of Astoria Music is a professional bouzouki player, he knows exactly what it takes to have the best. Our lessons are given only by Professional Bouzouki Players. We offer only “Private Lessons” on a one to one basis, for the hour, once a week, at the current rate of $60.00 per hour.

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