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Welcome To Our Music School And Meet Our Teachers

Our Teachers:

Anne Cheteyan:
Anne Cheteyan studied at the Mannes College of Music. She is classically trained in piano studies, theory and technique. Her experience and love for playing the piano spans for more than 30 years, and she has more than 10 years experience in teaching. Anne is more than an excellent teacher specializing in children, and adults wanting to continue and expand their prior musical studies. Beginners of all ages love her approach and the ease of introducing the world of music to everyone.

Brian Billings:

Brian Billings is an experienced educator and guitarist who holds both, a Bachelors of Music Performance, and a dual Master’s Degree in special and childhood education.  He specializes in all forms of guitar, particularly classical, rock and blues, and works particularly well with younger children.
He is extremely empathetic, understanding and patient in his educational approach.  Brian’s goal as an educator is to create lifelong learners and lovers of music.

Nick Manioudakis:

Nick Manioudakis is an experienced Bouzouki player who has been playing professionally for over 40 years. Nick was a music major at Rutgers University and has performed in major nightclubs here in the United States, Canada and in Greece. During his years in college, he found his love for the Bouzouki, and decided to study it in depth. His two major teachers were George Stambourlos and Andreas Stefanakis. Nick is interested in passing on his knowledge and experience to students of all ages who share the same passion as he does. He speaks fluent English and Greek, has an almost endless repertoire, and is very versatile and patient in showing all aspects and techniques of the Bouzouki


Laura Hutton:

Laura Hutton is a classically trained violinist with a Bachelors Degree in Violin Performance.  She also studied musicology at the University of Oxford, and is trained in the Suzuki Method of teaching.  She is currently the first violinist for the Gusto Chamber Players.  Laura enjoys teaching students of all ages and specializes in children “Under” the age of 8.  Growing up in the mountains of Appalachia, she loves playing and teaching traditional folk and bluegrass music along with traditional classical violin repertoire.  

Mike Forzano:

Mike Forzano is a NYC born session musician and educator. He graduated with a degree in Jazz Performance from SUNY Purchase, and can be frequently seen playing all styles of music as a professional musician throughout New York and the surrounding area. Mike is patient and adapts his teaching method to each student's individual needs. His lessons are fun and creative, but also challenging, to make his students the best musicians they can be. He teaches students of all ages bur specializes in children “Under” the age of 10. Mike teaches both the guitar and bass.

Our Music School

Dear Parents and Students:


         This is just a reminder of our music school policy, for all students who will be enrolling in our school, as well as, for students already enrolled.


          Lessons are given on a one to one basis. It is the only real way to learn.

All lessons are private, and are given by professional, highly qualified teachers, whose main goal is to introduce the world of music to our students.


          The costs of our lessons are: First, a one time registration fee of $20.00. This fee will also entitle each and every student free studio time during non teaching hours for their own personal enjoyment and study.


          Lessons for Guitar, Bass, Violin and Piano are all $30.00 per  ½ hour. A reminder again: "All lessons are private." Lessons must be paid for monthly in advance. At the beginning of each month.  For example, $120.00 for a four-week month, and $150.00 for a five-week month. This applies to all instruments. Lessons for Bouzouki are $60.00 for the hour.


          "Very Important" Due to the teachers very busy schedules, there cannot be any cancellations on the day of the lesson. If so, it has to be before 11:00 A.M. or leave a message on our answering service the night before. So this way, the cancellation can be considered as an excused absence. As long as you call, you are entitled to a makeup lesson. This makeup lesson will be worked out "Between the Teacher and Student." If the makeup is missed, the lesson will be lost. If you do not call on time, "No makeup will be given" and we will need to charge you for that time.                     

           So it is very important, and fair, that you call as soon as possible when you need to cancel a lesson. We do understand that an emergency can occur, and that will always be taken into consideration. "Excellent attendance is a must."


"We look forward to seeing you, and all our future musicians."


Thank you,



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