Astoria Music 

34-17 28th Avenue Astoria, N.Y. 11103  (718) 204-0400


Instrument and electronic repairs at Astoria Music are given top priority, whether it is for the professional, intermediate, or beginning musician.

If your instrument is in need of repair, from something simple, to a major overhaul, our on premises repair department will expertly take care of it. Repairs are performed on all types of instruments.

At Astoria Music we pay attention to detail, and an extremely fast turnaround. No waiting a week or two or more for a repair on an instrument. In many cases we are talking about hours, not days to get your instrument back to you. We do this to get you up and going once again. Musicians need their instruments and equipment in order to work.

Also, musicians from around the world ship their instruments to us for repair because of the quality of our work. This type of a repair might take a little longer, obviously.

We at Astoria Music believe that we are not like other music stores in regard to looking out for your instrument. We treat “YOUR INSTRUMENT” as if it was “OUR OWN”. End of story. Again, our repair department is second to none.

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